Pku in G


SKU 110 Instrument


GGA professional pku in G

The instrument is made of the best parts of the apricot tree.

Range – G (1st octave)- G (2nd octave)
Color – brown

  • The package includes a pku, 2 reeds, horn.

The pku, alternatively spelled pzuk, is an Armenian musical instrument, similar to a clarinet. It has been called the national instrument of Armenia. The pku is a single-reed aerophone with seven holes and a one-octave range with the open cone of a bullhorn at one end.

The best quality wood is taken from the apricot tree, dried for 7-10 years, when properly processed and carefully crafted into the sonorous instruments you see before you.
As a result of professional workmanship, the instruments play with a unique, high-quality sound that speaks to the soul, evoking nostalgia for places you’ve never been.

Here you can listen to how the pku sounds.