Duduk in B (H), Reddish


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GGA professional duduk in B (H) .

The instrument is made of the best parts of apricot tree. It has bold and deep sound. It’s often used in sad, son

It’s the most frequently used duduk after A duduk. It has lightsome and bright sound.

Range: G# ( small octave) – H (1st octave). Length: 320mm.
Color: Natural Blonde, Black, Reddish

The package includes a duduk, a reed, a cloth-case, instructions for both care and playing, an applicator.

The best quality wood is taken from the apricot tree, dried for 7-10 years, then properly processed and carefully crafted into the sonorous instruments you see before you. As a result of professional workmanship, the instruments play with a unique, high quality sound that speaks to the soul, evoking nostalgia for places you’ve never been.

Here you can listen how the key B  GGA duduk sounds.

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Hard, Medium, Soft