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Buy duduk made from ordinary apricot wood.

Duduk made from wild apricot tree has a unique and different timbre.

Duduk made from wild apricot tree differs from the ordinary apricot tree wood by the density wood, which makes the sound of the instrument much deeper.
The age of the tree – 35
The drying age of the wood – 9
The wood has dried naturally

GGA professional duduk made from the best parts of the apricot tree. It has velvet and deep timbre.

A key: F# (small octave) – A (1st octave).
H ( si ) key: G# ( small octave) – H (1st octave).
B ( si bemol) key: F (small octave) – B (1st octave).
C key: A (small octave) – C (2nd octave).
D key: H (small octave) – D (2nd octave).

The package includes a duduk, a reed, a soft case, instructions for both care and playing, an applicator.

The best quality wood is taken from the wild apricot tree, dried for 9 years, then properly processed and carefully crafted into the sonorous instruments you see before you. As a result of professional workmanship, the instruments play with a unique, high quality sound that speaks to the soul, evoking nostalgia for places you’ve never been.

Here you can listen how the GGA Wild Apricot duduk sounds.

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Reed Softness

Hard, Medium, Soft


Natural, Black, Reddish


A key, H (si) key, B (si bemol) key, C key, D key


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