Duduk Player Proper Posture

Maintaining the correct posture is essential for a duduk player. The player can choose between standing or sitting while performing. When seated, it’s important not to cross one leg over the other or sit in an overly spread-out position, as this can disrupt proper breathing.
For those who prefer to stand, it’s advisable to adopt a posture approximately.

During the performance, it’s important to strike a balance between sensitivity and not being overly restrained. Adequate and proper breathing is crucial for any duduk player. A duduk player should employ a combination of both belly and chest breathing simultaneously to maximize air intake.
While playing, it’s recommended to take quick breaths to avoid interrupting the musical flow. To achieve a beautiful duduk sound, correct placement of the chamois on the lip is paramount. The upper part of the chamois should be positioned roughly at the edge of the lip. This setup grants the duduk player the flexibility needed to control the sound effectively.

Finger Placement on Duduk

When it comes to finger placement on the duduk, there are two fundamental positions:
In the first position, the fingers of your first hand are positioned on the first pads, while the second hand consistently rests on the second pads.

In the second position, the second hand moves downward, and the first hand shifts over to the second pads. The choice of whether the first hand should be on the left or right depends on your learning and preference.

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