Each person feels its melody in his own way which resembles a human voice and therefore is more moving and touching, more influential and close to heart.

Duduk is not just an instrument. Duduk is a soul and a feeling, it’s poetry without words, it’s a call and a road to the depth of human heart. Duduk was born many centuries ago from Armenian apricot wood when the Armenian man wanted to empty his soul and tell the things that could not be expressed through words.

The apricot tree has a hard reddish wood. It grows in heat and swelter, endures the frost and the heat of its birthplace – Armenian Highland. And it parches as it continually hardens. When you hit the trunk of the apricot tree, you can hear a metallic ring – it seems as the tree is singing. Strong, firm, solid, an emotional song filled with feelings.

The Armenian man called the instrument which was made of apricot wood an Apricot Pipe. Later that wonderful instrument was presented to the world with the name Duduk. Today it sounds all over our planet and is becoming the interpreter of the most beautiful and the deepest emotions not only for Armenians but the whole humanity.

Duduk is a language that reaches all the nations, duduk is a feeling that touches every human anywhere and everywhere on the planet.